Natural Flea Control For Dogs

Natural Flea Control For DogsMany people worry about using too many chemicals on their dogs, or the effect of chemicals on the environment.  Yet fleas are still a problem.  Natural flea control may be the answer in some cases.  There are three natural pesticides, in particular, which can help you keep fleas away from your dog.

Flower-based Flea Control

One way to get rid of fleas on your dog is by using pyrethrins.  Many flea sprays use pyrethrins but most people don’t realize what they are or where they come from.  Pyrethrins come from flowers such as chrysanthemums and marigolds.  They’ve been used as an insecticide for more than 100 years.  Flea sprays which use pyrethrins are much safer and less toxic than some of the newer chemical flea controls.  You can look for products that use pyrethrins to use on your dog.

Citrus-based Flea Control

You can also use products that use d-Limonene.  D-Limonene is a natural agent that is a by-product of the citrus industry.  It has a mild fragrance like a grapefruit.  Many citrus products are very good at killing or repelling fleas and other insects, such as citronella. D-Limonene can help keep your dog free of fleas.  Look for products that contain d-Limonene.

Diatomaceous Earth

The third natural pesticide is very safe to use around your dog.  It’s diatomaceous earth.  Diatomaceous earth looks like white, chalky dust, though it is slightly gritty. It is actually fossilized algae.  The particles have sharp, super-fine edges and when they come in contact with a flea they coat the flea’s exoskeleton.  They shred the flea’s outer shell which causes the flea to become dehydrated and die.  Diatomaceous earth is used by spreading it around your yard so the fleas come in contact with it.  You should also spread it around your floors, whether they are hardwood or carpeted.  Then vacuum the floors after 24 hours. This should be enough time for most of the fleas to come in contact with the diatomaceous earth.  Bathe your dog with a good herbal flea shampoo after you have used the diatomaceous earth on the floors so the fleas on the door will be washed down the drain.

Be sure to purchase diatomaceous earth that’s made for the garden and not the kind that is used for swimming pool.  It is a different grade and is not as effective on fleas.

Supplements to Deter Fleas

Some people like to use food supplements for their dogs to help prevent fleas.  Giving your dog garlic and brewer’s yeast is said to discourage fleas from coming near your dog.  If you give your dog between one and three cloves of garlic per day, along with between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast per five pounds/per day for a dog, depending on the dog’s size.  You can buy garlic and brewer’s yeast already compounded from some pet supply stores.  Some people also like to use brewer’s yeast as a flea powder.

Other people like to give their dog a few tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar per day in their drinking water or sprinkled on their food.  Many people believe that apple cider vinegar is very healthy and that it discourages fleas from being attracted to dogs.

Chelated zinc and omega-3 fatty acids can also help keep your dog’s skin healthy which, in turn, may discourage fleas from infesting your dog.  Fish oil tablets and especially salmon oil are excellent sources of fatty acids for dogs.

It may take some time for some of these methods to work on your dog.  Natural flea control for dogs does not produce instant results the way some chemical flea control solutions do.  Always remember that you can use a simple flea comb to remove many fleas from your dog.  And a good flea bath always helps.  Treat for fleas as soon as you see one.  If you see one flea you can bet there are many more.

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