Flea Control For Dogs

Flea Control For DogsOnce upon a time, flea control for dogs was very difficult, especially if you lived in warmer climates that supported fleas year-round.  The only ways to control fleas were with flea sprays, harsh dips, and heavy-duty chemicals to treat your home.  Even when using these chemicals, they weren’t always effective.  Fortunately, things are much better today.  If you have a dog, or cat today, there are many good, safe, and effective ways to keep them flea-free.

Spot-On Flea Control Products

Perhaps the most important breakthrough in flea control for dogs has been the topical, spot-on flea product.  Frontline, Frontline Plus, Revolution, Advantage, Advantage Multi, and K9 Advantix are some of the names you should know for spot-on flea control.  Some of these products do quite a bit more, such as killing heartworms and other internal parasites.  However, the basic premise for all of them is the same:  you squeeze the liquid contents of the tube onto your dog’s skin.  It is absorbed and you don’t have to do anything else for a certain number of days, depending on the product.

If you are purchasing a product that is strictly for flea control, such as Frontline, or flea and tick control, such as Frontline Plus, then you don’t need a veterinarian’s prescription to buy the product.  However, if you are buying a product that is also for heartworms you will need to have a veterinarian’s prescription in the United States.

Flea Pills

There are other kinds of flea control for dogs.  Capstar Flea Control works almost instantly to kill fleas and will kill all fleas on a dog within 24 hours.  Capstar is favored by many animal shelters which take in dogs that can have heavy flea infestations.  However, each Capstar pill only works for 24 hours.  They can be used once-a-day, everyday but they are not usually the best choice for ongoing flea control.

Program offers tablets which render fleas infertile.  The flea goes through the normal life cycle but when it lays eggs, the eggs fail to hatch.  Program is usually used in conjunction with another product to kill the fleas that are currently on the dog.

Other Kinds of Flea Control

There are also a number of flea collars, some with chemicals and some herbal.  Opinions are mixed about their effectiveness.

Manufacturers still make house foggers, carpet sprays, and flea sprays for dogs if you prefer to use these products.  There are also some good flea and tick shampoos available.

Natural Flea Control

Some people prefer to use natural or herbal products as flea control for dogs.  These products may be sold in stores, or you can make some of them yourself, often with citronella oil as a base.  They may work in areas where fleas are not a big problem.  However, if your dog has a serious flea infestation it’s recommended to take the plunge and go with a chemical flea product for your dog’s sake.  Get rid of the fleas as fast as possible.  Use a good flea shampoo and a conditioner on your dog.  And remember to treat your house, your dog’s bedding, and your yard, too.

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