Dog Health Problems- What should you know?


dog health problems
In this section you can find quality, accurate information to answer your questions about dog health problems. Whether you are a new dog owner or you’ve had dogs for years, dogs can exhibit many different symptoms and ailments. We can provide the answers you seek to keep your dog healthy.


dog arthritis
Dog arthritis can afflict any dog and it can start at a surprisingly early age in some cases. If you need answers about dog arthritis, check the articles in this section for more information. We can advise you on symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, supplements, and home care.


dog allergies
Many dogs today suffer from dog allergies. Allergies can range from food allergies to flea allergies, to different forms of contact dermatitis and beyond. We have information to help the dog owner and your dog as you go through testing for allergies, elimination diets, and foods for allergies.


dog worms
Although there are many different kinds of dewormer available today, dog worms remain a problem in many dogs. We have information on the symptoms of worms; when to worm puppies and dogs; which worms to watch for; and which worm preventives are most effective.


dog cancer
Cancer is one of the leading killers of dogs. Dog cancer can come in many different forms and it can be deadly, especially if you don’t recognize the symptoms early. Here you can find information about different kinds of cancer, symptoms, diagnoses, treatment, and ways to make your dog’s life more comfortable.


dog seizure
A dog seizure can be a very frightening event to witness if you are a dog owner. Dogs with epilepsy and non-epileptic dogs may both have seizures. These may be one-time events or they may become chronic. You can check here to find out what you need to know about seizures.


dog breath
Is your dog’s breath foul? Would you like to do something to make your dog’s breath smell nicer? Your dog’s breath can be an important indicator about his health. If your dog’s breath is bad there are many things you can do to improve it. We can offer you advice to help your dog’s breath.


dog foods
Dog foods are a hot topic today, and rightly so. People are concerned about what they feed their dogs. They care about the ingredients that go into the food and how they are produced. Many people are worried about food recalls. We can give you the latest information about the best dog foods.


dog illnesses
Your dog can suffer from many different dog illnesses. Some illnesses are serious and some are minor, but how can you tell the difference? If your dog stops eating, should you be concerned? When should you call the vet? Check here for information you need about dog illnesses.


dog mange
Dog mange is no fun for your dog, but will you know what to do if your dog has a case of mange? There are three different kinds of mange and they require different treatments. Some are contagious and some aren’t. One is even contagious to humans! You can read more about the different kinds of dog mange here.


dog obesity
It is estimated that 25 to 40 percent of the dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. Similar figures are true in Britain and Australia. Dogs today are often greatly overfed and under-exercised. We can provide you with excellent information to help your dog slim down to a healthy weight.


dog eyes
Your dog’s eyes can show you more than his soul. They can tell you a great deal about his health. In this section you will find articles on eye infections, diseases, and their cause,, symptoms and treatments. Do you need to take your dog to the vet, or can you treat at home? Read on.


dog skin
Your dog’s skin is the single largest organ he has and skin problems are often the most obvious sign of a health problem. Dogs can have allergies, hot spots, parasites, and numerous diseases which all manifest with skin problems. We have a number of excellent articles to help you with your dog’s skin issues.


dog ears
Ear infections are a common problem in dogs, whether the problem is a bacterial infection, yeast infection, or caused by an allergy. But dogs can have other ear problems, too, such as congenital and hereditary deafness and injuries to their ears. They can have mites or foreign objects in their ears.


dog digestion
Although dog’s are carnivores, they are able to digest more than meat protein. They’re good at scavenging and that means your dog is able to eat a wider variety of foods. Yet your dog’s digestion isn’t quite like yours either. Dogs can suffer from a number of gastrointestinal problems ranging from gas to bloat to Inflammatory Bowel Disease to allergies. Read more here.


dog accessories
Dogs are more popular as pets than ever today, with an estimated 78 million pet dogs in the U.S. That means there are lots of loving owners who want to purchase wonderful things for their dogs. We have some reviews of popular products on our site so you will know if the products you’re considering are really good values or not. Is that the best dog bed? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

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